Home Parts Spotlight 1960-66 Hard to Find Bed Sides Coming Soon

Sometimes project trucks have damaged bed sides, which should come as no surprise because most of these trucks were used and abused.  Though there are many replacement body parts that can be found for C-10s, short-bed fleetside bed sides for 1960-1966 have not been available.  After years of waiting, Classic Parts of America will soon carry reproductions of the originals.  These are groundbreaking reproductions made from stamped steel with proper gauge and bends, just like originals.  Fleetside bed sides are seen as much cleaner to some restorers, there is a true demand for these parts and we cannot wait to see them roll out of the shop! No longer do you have to overspend on auction sites and the likes, for 60-66 Fleetside truck beds.

Consider all the time and expense involved in repairing your old bedsides and you’ll agree that new is the only way to go.

Call 1-800 741 1678 or click either of the buttons below to view the products and pre-order them now. The parts will be ready to ship early September, Late August.

Bed Side Panel Short Bed Fleet Side - Left Right Bed Side Panel short bed Fleetside