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Classic Parts of America continues to grow it’s inventory day by day. We are very proud to announce our latest line and FREE full color catalog: 1968-74 Chevrolet Nova. The catalog has 92 pages of 1968-1974 Nova restoration parts, the catalog can be ordered from our website at no cost. With over 1000 parts available for 1968-74 Chevy Nova, there is a wide selection for your restoration or repair. Here is our full Nova Inventory.

The 1968 Chevrolet Nova model was based on a Camaro like frame. At this time the Nova was known as the Chevy II Nova. The basic design of the body lasted for over 10 years, the longest of any Nova series. In 1969 the Chevy II name was changed, all models were referred to as “Nova”. Coupes and Sedans were the same body.. New headrests were installed, and the ignition switch moved to the steering column from the dashboard. The 1970 model saw changes to taillights and other minor alterations. In fact all the way up until 1972 very little was changed. Changes were due mostly to government regulation, in 1971 low compression engines were used to run on the lower octane unleaded gas. In 1972 the trim package “Rally Nova” was introduced. In 1973 the Federal bumper requirements led to the 5 mph bumper being used. In 1974 the body remained unchanged, a few new features included ignition seat belt interlocks. The car was unable to start if anyone was in the passenger or driver’s seat without the seat belt buckled!







As with any restoration project, we suggest starting with the assembly manual. This provides you great insight into parts. When you call us our tech is most likely referencing this. Here are the links to the available literature: