Home Customers 1972 CHEVROLET C-10 TRUCK

My grandfather bought the truck in 1974 from a local boy scout camp.

He used it in his gravel pit as a work truck. It originally had a straight six and a Saginaw 3 speed manual. I was around 15 at the time when I first started bugging him to help me fix it up. I had been working in the gravel pit maintaining equipment and knew a little about cars. When i was around 17 we drug it out of the ground and started the tear down. It had a bad ant infestation and bad rust, so many of the body parts were replaced. The I6 engine was removed when it was parked, so we put a 327 inside. I spun a rod bearing and i replaced it with a 350. I then swapped the old manual transmission for a TCI 700r4. In 2013 I bought a 454 from a car club friend and swapped that in. It is lowered 5 inches in the rear and 3(I think) in the front. It has a 12 bolt rear end with a fresh posi build and axle shafts. Engine has 781 heads, around 9.5 to 1 compression ratio, performer rpm intake edelbrock 750 cfm carb, comp cams nostalgia LS6 plus cam, comp magnum roller rockers. Long tube headers with 2 inch primaries and 3.5 inch collectors into 3 inch exhaust with 40 series flowmasters.

Our customer submitted a video of the truck idling, here it is! It is loud so turn your speakers down!

Here is a modest burnout below!