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When it comes to trucks, the 1967-72 Chevrolet Truck Series has proven to be the most successful series of trucks designed by this brand and because of their quality they can still be seen on the roads all over the world. The 1972 Chevrolet Truck is part of the 2nd generation of the C/K series. They were available in three basic series, with 16 models on three different wheelbases. Sixes and v8s, manual or automatic transmissions, and 2 or 4 wheel drive.


The famous C/K series of Chevrolet truck produced between 1967 and 1972 has an icon status now. When the first trucks from this series hit the market they were well-accepted by both drivers who are looking for modern looking vehicles and those who were interested in superior performance. It is worth mentioning that there were few other C/K models before ’67 and these new ones were based on them. Of course, there were few major changes that were introduced like the completely new body sheet metal and the replacement of leaf springs with coil springs (although some specific truck models still had the traditional leaf springs). They had 6 different types of transmission including 2-speed Powerglide automatic, 3-speed manual and 4-speed New Process NP435 manual. The models from 1972 were considered to be the best from this generation. They were similar to the ones from 1971, but they had some changes in the exterior (the doors, rear view mirrors etc.) and only minor changes under the hood. Some of the most popular models from this year include the Chevrolet C/10 Cheyenne, Chevrolet C/50 medium-duty truck and GMC C-Series.

Since they are used today, we can freely say that 1972 Chevy trucks are good trucks. However, those who have one or those who are planning to buy one should take few things into consideration even though 1972 Chevy truck parts can still be found on the market.

For example, these were one of the first Chevy trucks that have used disc brakes, so their quality cannot be compared to modern discs. So, disc brakes are probably one of the most searched 1972 Chevy truck parts on the Internet. The same goes for the air conditioning system. It is not unusual to find one with working A/C, but this system needs special care and preparedness to purchase certain parts for it.


Another common problem in these trucks is the rusting in the right front fender area under the battery tray. The battery leakage leads to rust. In addition the cab vents and the kick panels can suffer from the same issue.

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