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Year: 1988
Make: Chevrolet
Model: K5 Blazer
Engine: 350
Wheels: GM stock 15 x 10.5

I have always loved classic American automobiles. A few years ago My father purchased a surplus army M1009 K5 Blazer and that was when I fell in love with the K5. There is something about cruising around town with the top off and windows down. Although there isn’t really an alternative in the middle of the Texas summers with no AC.

Classic Chevrolet Blazer

I acquired my truck while looking through Craigslist ads. Found one that wasn’t too pricey and still had nicer amenities that mostly worked. The only real issue was that only one brake worked so I had them all replaced. After that it went to the body shop to get all of the dents and dings pulled along with a brand new coat of blue metallic paint. The body shop also fixed the electric windows. Once it came back I moved onto the interior. I didn’t like the faded blue so I repainted almost all of the trim panels and covered the trim part with  3D vinyl wrap along with the dash. For the curious, I do not recommend it. It is a long, detailed process that took about eight hours from start to end. Once everything was together and I was happy, I bought a set of General Grabber tires because they are smooth on the roads and I can still hit some trails whenever I want. Of course shortly after that, my fuel pump broke. I dropped the tank to find out it had a lot of sand in it. Cleaned it up and now it’s running as well as ever.

Example part used:

Instrument Cluster Bevel


24-195C Aluminum Dash Cluster

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