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We set out from Kansas City very early Wednesday morning, our objective: reach Columbus, OH by 4pm EST. We made decent time and were able to arrive safe in Columbus and get our trailer parked for setup. Immediately we realized how large this show would be. The amount of people setting up was our first clue. There were at least 20 vendors with huge rigs and more with trailer/truck combos. We were like kids in a candy shop!

Goodguys know how to put on a show and have it down to a science. The show was expected to bring up to 125,000 people and feature over 7,000 classic cars and trucks. It’s obvious why this show is in it’s 19th year, well organized, well produced and full of vendors and participants. Throughout the weekend we saw many participants walking around with GoodGuys T-shirts from years all the way down to the early years!

We parked and got through the entrance of the gates to see a massive parking lot with stunning cars and trucks all over. It took us around 10 minutes to walk to our area, this is how vast the show was.

good guys event map

The event spanned 20 city blocks!

1965 Chevy c10

Chevrolet Truck from Goodguys

[Above] We met this customer who had a 1968 Chevy c10, he ordered a number of parts from us and described his experience working with us. How we helped him reach his goal with parts which fit where other providers fell short.

Friday was rather warm but there was some cloud cover to keep us cool, and decent breeze gave us a break from the hanging heat. A constant stream of people came by the booth and we found ourselves meeting a great deal of people on the first day.

Classic Truck Parts Booth

Our booth at Goodguys Columbus

Saturday rolled around and we were excited for a packed show. Josh mentioned “The show was like every show he had been to combined!”. It was a beautiful cool day and we knew that would mean more people! We must have talked to 1000 people and passed out more catalogs in the first 2-3 hours than we did the whole day Friday. We met people from all over the country and a couple of guys from Australia who had flown over to purchase a couple of Chevy Trucks/Cars to ship back home. The draw of the show is International. We were surprised the popularity of certain year ranges given our past experience. A lot of people looking for first generation Camaro parts, a line which is gaining popularity.
The best part of these shows for me is listening to stories from enthusiastic, passionate people. We have all kinds of stories from fully original family heirlooms to trucks rebuilt after getting hit by lightning. The feedback we got was very positive, customers who have been with us for years conversing with people who didn’t know we existed. Seeing kids and teenagers pick up a catalog for their restoration project.

1967 Chevrolet Truck

Mike’s Chevy Pickup at Goodguys Columbus

Mike and his mostly custom 1967 c10 he built with some of our  c10 parts. It was rebuilt after getting hit by lightning. We will have the full story soon.

As Sunday rolled around we were amazed at the amount of people we had talked to. We had many empty boxes of catalogs.

1952 Chevy Truck

Our 1952 Chevrolet pickup on the final day of the show

The shows on a Sunday typically are slow, most people from out of town have left to get back home. We still had steady traffic at the booth. This allowed me to go shoot some photos and meet some customers and new people. Here are a few shots from our customer’s trucks. Most of these we will feature with full background stories.

1st Generation Chevy Camaro parts

Customer’s Chevrolet Camaro at Goodguys Columbus

1950 Chevy Cabover

Chevrolet cab over at the Columbus Goodguys Car and Truck Show.

1954 GMC Truck

1954 GMC Pickup from Goodguys Columbus 2016

1967 Chevrolet C10 Truck

1967 Chevy c10 pickup from Columbus Goodguys show