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In the mid 60s the Federal Government introduced safety standards to vehicles made in the United States. Before that time the majority of truck and car’s tail lights were small and not near as bright as today’s. With these upgraded LED tail lights, people behind you  have less trouble seeing you brake. Some laws  dictate that you cannot use blue dots on tail lights. The blue dots have a control light, which allows you to wire them to a switch for on/off controls. There is no need for custom modification of your truck in most cases. Allowing almost anyone to fit these parts to their truck or car.

The majority of these Chevy truck tail lights are available for your 1940-53 Chevrolet Truck. Here are a couple of features which apply to all the products listed below:

  • 20+ Super Bright Red LEDs (depending on model) with Blue Dot for Tail
  • Complete with Poly-carbonate Lens
  • Epoxy Coated, Fully Sealed Electronics
  • Solid State Circuit Boards are Designed for 12 volt systems

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