Home How to How to install door rubber seal on Chevy truck 1947-61

In this post we take a look at the installation of rubber door seals for your 1947-1961 Chevrolet truck. We also used Super Weatherstrip Adhesive, lower door seal retainer and retainer screws.


  • You will need to search our store for the correct retainer and screws for the year of your truck. The weatherstrip fits 1947-61 Chevrolet truck and the adhesive works on most rubber seals.
  • It’s important to use just the right amount of adhesive. Use too much and you will have bleeding over the edges of the weatherstrip and additional clean up.
  • Starting the install of the weatherstrip must be done at the bottom middle of the door.
  • On the bottom corners of the door, the weatherstrip must be twisted 90 degrees. You will see it in the video, this step is important otherwise the door will not seal properly.

Products Used in this installation video

 door rubber seal 1947-61 chevy truckSuper Weatherstrip Adhesive for rubber