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In this article “Ol’ chebby” a valued member of our forum (talk.classicparts.com) documents the install of windshield rubber on a 1947-53 Chevrolet Truck. You can do this install with the following parts from www.classicparts.com

Windshield Choices:

Molding/Brace Pieces: May be needed based on the condition of your existing parts.

Rubber Windshield Install Instructions

Note: This installation is for a deluxe windshield weatherstrip. Standard is similar but without the trim.

1) Lay out the windshield rubber, and install the trim in the little groove. Use lots of Windex here.



2) Now work in the glass…lay the whole assembly on the hood on a blanket.


3) Feed rope around the groove, leaving enough to lead out the ends. I like a thicker rope, it doesn’t cut into the rubber.


4) Now set the whole thing up against the frame, lining up the center bar and the bottom lip should rest on the pinch mold.


5) Begin in the center on the bottom and pull the rope to draw the windshield rubber over the pinch. Pull at different angles, generally perpendicular to the rubber.




I found that the center section need a little influencing to get centered. I used a Phillips head screwdriver through the center bar metal to pry to the center. If the trim pops out of the rubber, keep composed (tough) and gently influence it back in, I used a dead blow hammer in small increments, also more Windex….everywhere.

This is a little easier with a helper to press the glass in for you, but my neighbors go running when my garage door is open, guess I abused them too much for heavy lifting in the past!

Here is the finished product: